Planetside2 Aces of the Republic war schedule

Hello again, I Reggie (PSN name Reggie2nd) and  have created an outfit for the Terran Republic for Planetside2 known as the Aces of the Republic. here i will show the current set of leaders for platoons

Infiltrators- ABCBAR123

Engineers- TBA

Combat Medics- Reggie2nd

Light Assault- BigNateDog

Heavy Assault- RafaRobert

MAX- Nickmike

(if you would like to join us please message my PSN account)


 Recruitment schedule:

June 30th- begin recruiting for Aces of the Repblic

(we will be implementing further rules to joining)

Notice: The first continent we will invade is Amerish

War schedule:

Mon.- 0800 – 2200 hours- attack all bio-labs

Tues.- 0700 – 2300 hours- attack all techlabs

Wed. 0900 – 2000 hours- guard armored convoys and support

Thurs. 1000 – 1300 hours- train in the VR room 1400 – 2300 hours – clear out enemy forces

Fri. – 1700 hours – 2200 hours – all Outfit Platoon, squad, and outfit leaders MUST ATTEND MANDATORY OFFICER MEETINGS to discuss our current campaigns and what can be done to improve as an outfit

Sat. 1000 hours – 1300 hours – Training exercises afterwards we will continue campaign

Sun. All day- Patrol Amerish protecting all resources

If there are any further questions message me on PSN my name is Reggie2nd and I will be willing to provide info to all recruits.

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Battlefield 4/Planetside 2- recruiting members now

Hello I am Reggie, I am a minor league gamer on PSN looking for members to join my outfits in both Battlefield 4 and Planetside2. We are an aspiring group of major and minor league gamers looking to get our name and clan/outfit some exposure in the gaming community. Currently we have 40 official members each with their own rank and squad they command that will be explained in the post for those who are interested. At the moment in battlefield 4 all of us are division 1 players, we are tightly organized, respectful, and are here to compete and have fun.

 Planetside2 (releasing June 30th) is another game in which we feel we can truly expand our outfit. to those interested outfits in Planetside2 can hold over 1,000 members, which will give us an advantage in this global warfare, open world shooter.

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E3 what I’ve heard

Since early May I have been ALL over E3 and the games being announced so here is a list of what is going to be announced or gameplay shown
1. Mass Effect 4
3. Battlefield 5 (possibly world war I game)
4. COD advanced warfare
5. Starwars battlefront
6. Elder Scrolls 6 (NOT ESO)
7. Far Cry 4
8. New starfox
9. Destiny
10. Killzone 4
11. The division
12. Witcher 3
13. Possible reboot of Medal of honor
14. Alien Isolation
15. Dragon age inquisition
16. Ryse 2
17. Star Citizen
18. Pokemon Alpha Ruby/ Omega Sapphire
19. The order 1886
20. God of War
21. Halo 5
22. Uncharted 4
23. Tomb Raider
24. Kingdom Under fire
25. Planetside 2
26. Titanfall 2
27.Grand Turismo 6 rereleased for PS4
28. The Evil Within
29. Crysis 4
30. Murder: Soul Suspect
31. Kingdom Hearts 3
32. New XCOM
33. The Forrest
34. Wolfenstein
35. Doom
36. Duke Nukem
37. Some kinda MAG reboot but better
38. Assassins Creed Unity
39. Metal Gear
40. Mirror’s edge 2
41. Assassin’s Creed Comet
42. Batman Arkham Knight
43. legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors
44. Sims 4
45. Sonic Boom
46. Verdun