E3 2014 Sony on the silver screen

Hello again readers, today we’ve got some interesting news to give you all. Sony has announced that they will be putting their press conference in a number of participating theatres across America for free. I definitely know that I am going to attend one of the theatres to see this event. below is a list of the theatres participating on June 9th at 6:00

AK (Anchorage) Cinemark Anchorage 16 with XD

AL (Birmingham) Regal Trussville 16

AZ (Phoenix) AMC Ahwatukee 24

BC (Vancouver) Cineplex Cineplex Odeon International Village

CA (L.A) AMC Century City 15 with IMAX

CA (San Francisco) Cinemark Century 9 San Francisco Centre with XD

CO (Denver) Regal Pavillions 15

DC (Washington) AMC Mazza Galleire 7

FL (Miami) AMC Sunset Place 24 with IMAX

FL (Orlando)  Regal Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 with IMAX

PA (Philadelphia) Regal Riverview Plaza

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Battlefield 4/Planetside 2- recruiting members now

Hello I am Reggie, I am a minor league gamer on PSN looking for members to join my outfits in both Battlefield 4 and Planetside2. We are an aspiring group of major and minor league gamers looking to get our name and clan/outfit some exposure in the gaming community. Currently we have 40 official members each with their own rank and squad they command that will be explained in the post for those who are interested. At the moment in battlefield 4 all of us are division 1 players, we are tightly organized, respectful, and are here to compete and have fun.

 Planetside2 (releasing June 30th) is another game in which we feel we can truly expand our outfit. to those interested outfits in Planetside2 can hold over 1,000 members, which will give us an advantage in this global warfare, open world shooter.

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E3 Predictions Sony

Sony hás been a Big part of my childhood, i own all of the consoles and have player a majority of their games. But the question i have for SONY this year is this, Whats your plan for next gen?

The PS4 got a Strong head start at the End of 2013 but that doesnt mean they have sob the third console war just yet, the Xbox one after the DRM incident hás been starting to pick up against PS4 with games like gran Turismo Ryse and others . Although PS4 hás combated this with Killzone battlefield thief and infamous.
Sony is known for being fierce when it comes to gaming and upgrading their tech (PlayStation move to Project morpheus) along with all their new games coming out , i think they will most likely unveil their top shooters since thats Where Sony is best and hopefully we will get more info on Project Morpheus