ME1 UI Redesign Challenge: Part VI

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Example of Revised Equipment Menu Revised Equipment Screen

Following the revisions I made to the Mass Effect combat HUD, I’ve begun to tackle the in-game menus. What I’m about to discuss is probably the most infamous aspect of the original Mass Effect user interface experience: the equipment screen. Reviewing the numerous issues with this screen will take some time, so this post will likely be a longer one. After looking at the overall design, I will break it down into specific problem areas which my redesign attempts to address.

Original Equipment Screen Original Equipment Screen

At first, the layout of the equipment screen seems fairly reasonable. You have an area to compare the stats of your currently equipped items with other gear in your inventory. You have tabs for the different types of equipment to keep them sorted, and you can see your other resources, like medi-gel and credits, at the bottom. However, the design wastes a lot…

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