Playstation News: June’s Playstation Plus Games Revealed

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Sony have revealed the PSN Plus Games for June for Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and the PS Vita. It will also mark the 4th Anniversary of the service, with this statement on the Playstation Blog acknowledging the event:

PlayStation Plus will reach its 4th anniversary. It’s evolved a great deal since its inception, providing our PS Plus members with exclusive discounts, beta access and even select games early, as well as, of course, great games to play through our Instant Game Collection. As our members have grown with us from our introduction on PS3, PS Vita and now PS4, together we’ve built a really strong global community of gamers.

PlayStation Plus has been an essential part of PlayStation 4, providing access to next-gen online multiplayer and a steady stream of great games including ResogunOutlast and Don’t Starve. Since we are always looking to continue the evolution of PS…

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E3 is coming… Do we need it?

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With E3 2014 looming around the corner, the rumor mill has begun its inevitable wind-up. From the Fallout 4 and Half-Life 3 rumors, the supposed death knell of Microsoft’s Kinect, or the massive list of sequels to be pressed within the next year, speculation is reaching critical mass… and the show isn’t even for another couple of weeks. The pageantry and media frenzy regarding E3 has always been relatively large, but as video games begin to market themselves so heavily, does E3 still need to boast the extravagance it is so well known for?

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E3 coming soon to your local movie theaters

E3 coming soon to your local movie theaters


E3 is right around the corner and those lucky enough to attend the event are getting ready for it but for those who aren’t capable of attending well your in luck at least if you want to see what Sony reveals at this years E3. Sony has decided that this year they will show their E3 presentation in select movie screens across the country. The event is free, all you have to do is register so do it quickly before seats run out. Those who are lucky enough to attend will receive a few gifts.

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e3 2014: Making the Vita Vital!?

e3 2014: Making the Vita Vital!?


As e3 2014 (or as we at TwinStick like to call it, Christmas in June) rapidly approaches, we will endeavor to cover as many individual games as we can, but I would first like to share a more general hope of mine: Namely, that the PS Vita gets some proper attention.

I actually got my Vita by accident, but boy did it turn out to be a happy one. To cut a long story short, if you ask for a Playstation 4 as a Christmas present from a family of non-gamers, draw a picture or something, because otherwise they might wander into a game store, ask for a “Playstation thingy”, and somehow manage to wander out again with a Playstation Vita (which is, technically, a “Playstation thingy”, but obviously not the one I was after).

Pivot.....PIVOT...... Pivot…..PIVOT……

Anyway, after some initial “what the f*** is this shit….” unpleasantness…

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